Has a category disappeared overnight?



I could have sworn there was an odd number yesterday but there are 8 today.


Not alarmed but it is driving me nuts because I can’t work out which one is missing.


regardless of other changes coming, they got rid of the careers sub which makes sense, since it hasn’t been updated for forever and it’s better served as a page on the main site anyway.


Ah, that was probably it then. Thanks for putting me out of my misery.


in the future, just look up the google cache :smiley:


Yes, just the careers one because a) we’ve been negligent about updating it and b) we can post it elsewhere. I’ve got some cleanup and organization in mind for the near future.


Nice catch, Rain Man. :wink:


You are not the first to accuse me of being autistic. That would be my family.


i feel like in the 80s and early 90s this was just the definition of nerd. since geekery became cool in the 00s it seems like this is now relegated to the spectrum.

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