Has anybody else been keeping their Glowforge purchase a secret?


My brother’s an architect who loves to design, build, and tinker. Not to mention he loves being an early adopter for new tech. He’s had a 3d printer for a while and loves it.

When my wife and I backed Glowforge, we decided we weren’t going to tell anyone—I really want to surprise him and my dad by making something on it for them first, then letting them come over and use it. As of right now, I’ve only told my closest friend—honestly wasn’t going to do that but I couldn’t contain it any longer. I HAD TO TELL SOMEONE!

As the summer gets closer and closer, I’m getting more excited and it’s getting so hard not to say anything… I have all kinds of ideas for things I want to make for my family, friends, coworkers… I’ve nearly let it slip a few times, but I’m trying hard to hold out.

PLEASE tell me I’m not alone in this.

Any of you guys keeping it a secret that you have a Glowforge on the way? Have you thought about how you’re going to tell/show everyone once you get it?


I have not been keeping the GF a secret. But I have been keeping my list of things I’d like to make a secret. The list is rather long anyway to share but, I plan on trying to start a small business. I have done so much research into some of the items I’d like to make I don’t want to ‘inspire’ someone else and see an idea get used, even by accident. I know once the ideas and designs are out there its going to be used by others I just want to see my thoughts realized first. :slight_smile:


Yes but for different reasons. My wife and I are recently Married (last summer) and we used some of the money we received as gifts to back the Glowforge. We’re a little different in that we are both still in college and because of that living a very frugal lifestyle. My reason for not telling anyone is to not be openly judged. Yes the money we spent was a gift but it really hard to justify this big of a purchase with little to no income. We do have one friend who is a recent grad and has backed so we get to geek out over it and out excitement every once in a while.


Oh boy do I know the thrifty life as well - I feel you! My fiance and I still go to college (I’ve somehow managed with a full time job) she hasn’t worked in a year and a half because of the baby. I still tell everyone though, cause I figure they can stuff it if they don’t like it. they just wont get any cool lasered presents :wink:


Yes, to a certain extent. When I first saw Glowforge at their debut showing at the New York Maker Faire, I fell in love immediately and wanted to back right then and there. The group of friends I went to the faire with was all made up of recent undergrad graduates (myself included), so it’s not like we’re all loaded haha. When I first bought it I kept it quiet so as not to make it seem as though I was flaunting the fact that I had the money to spend. Slowly, though, I’ve started to tell people and now it’s all I can do not to tell everyone I meet because I’m so excited!!


I bought one for myself and one for my dad. I didn’t want to tell my dad, but he keeps in touch with things like this and saw it on his own, and I know he wished he could get one (he’s a tinkerer and maker). This is the man who bought me my first computer (a 1984 Mac) because he saw my interest and how much time and energy I spent with computers at school and with my best friend’s Apple II. He saw the writing on the wall, and my career (tech writer) was built on my parents’ support. So… I had to break down and tell him “Dad, I got you one.” I cannot WAIT until he gets it.


I bought one and share the news with just about everyone I run into. But, I am a retired guy without a single acquaintance that is into “toys & technology”, retired or otherwise. The typical response when I tell someone is more along the lines of a glazed look coming over their face vs “WOW”, while I’m am thinking “what, are you kidding me, this is the coolest of cool toys. Think of all the guitar pickup parts I can make now”. I guess a career in finance doesn’t readily lend itself to having a lot of friends that are into a basement full of this kind of stuff.


I’m doing the same as @jamingaroutte for pretty much the same reasons, but I did tell my Mom, and got the same glazed reaction as @jdodds. But when she sees what it can do I just know she’s gonna want one. Mind you, she is 82, but she always has to have the latest tech gadget.


I tell everyone about the Glowforge. I even break out my phone so they can watch the video (while I oooh and aaah at each new project). I also scroll down the Glowforge website to show them all the cool sample projects. Then, of course, it’s off to Pinterest and the laser-made pages.

I think I was big into show and tell as a kid. With the Glowforge, it’s like show, show, show, tell, tell, tell, show, show, show, tell, tell, tell…

When folks ask when I’m getting a Glowforge, I tell them December 2016. That way, I can have all their gifts for the holidays made and stored away before they start knocking on my door to see my cool laser printer and use it. :grin:


Excellent strategy!


That’s sort of me, as well. I’ve told several people about it and shown a few the website and video, but get a bit uncomfortable having them see the price on the page. There is at least one very close friend whom I have not even mentioned it to. He’s the least judgmental person I could wish to know, but also quite conservative in his own lifestyle. I will probably tell him about it closer to when I ‘might’ receive it, or even wait until after I have it…when I can show him an actual cool thing that I’ve made.


…the choir here. Ex banker. :laughing:


Same situation, retired - and among friends, I seem to be the only one enamored with the idea.
I do feel privilaged because I am under no pressure to make money with it, just explore the machine’s capability across any (safe) material that will react to focused heat, and see what I can come up with.
From that perspective, an exorbitant expense considering my station in life, but historically I have squandered more for less return - and for the first time in years I am excited by the creative inspiration I feel building.
Ironically since I retired and have so much disposable time on my hands, what has been missing is artistic inspiration.
A big box of it is (hopefully) going to land on my porch in a couple of months!


I hear that.


Have 5 banjos and two upright Bass each worth as much as the Glowgorge. None of my friends in the mountains think that is overkill. But a Glowforge would seem a gross extravagance so I haven’t mentioned it. 200 miles away at our Engineering labs I don’t mention the banjos.


Banjos/no laser talk - engineers/no banjo talk - keeping each in their respective closets… living a double life.


or in my case, “pickup” pickup parts. man do I have some cool ideas for my truck


We are one and the same
For Easter, we got visited by my fiance’s Father and he brought a bunch of little nick-nacks and stuff, so I pulled out my phone. afterwards he had this Deer-in-headlights look
"who has my daughter decided to marry?.."


Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Funny! :joy: