Has anyone else been using their cell phone as a Wifi Hotspot? It works awesomely

It wasn’t just the glowforges. I was at a presentation where they asked people to turn off their hot spots. I always figured it was the congestion. As I said, I had no cellular internet issues. It was good to meet you as well.

At that presentation, we had a particular (self-inflicted) problem: the Glowforge unit & the wifi hotspot were on a network with the same SSID and password as our office, which meant that GF employees’ phones would have auto-connected to it. So we were asking employees particularly to turn off their phones, so they didn’t compete with our beloved Glowforge for attention.


Huh, good to know.

"I’m sorry girls you can’t watch movies on your tablets. Daddy needs laser time, lol.

I’m sure my router will have no problem with it.


Plus you didn’t want the apple keynote effect. While the cell guys figured out how to have 100000 phones in a stadium, wifi was never designed for that…


for sure.

once li-fi (wi-fi using line-of-sight light from what looks like a normal light source) and high frequency wi-fi roll out, congestion issues will largely go away, not counting issues on the backend. it’s a growing pain.