Has anyone else had a co2 tube weaken?

I’ve been currently working with email support with Glowforge, trying to understand why it will no longer cut through materials that it previously did with no effort and now even with 2 passes it barely makes it 2/3 of the way through the material.
What I am wondering is what they charged for the “Newly Refurbished Glowforge Plus” since they still are not allowing the sale or purchase of only the co2 tube. They are quoting me $1,502 for this refurbished glowforge plus.

Which is about $1,002 more than they stated a co2 tube would cost. I have seen in other forums people mention they paid $700 for the “Newly Refurbished Glowforge” $500 for the tube and $200 for this shipping. This seems much more reasonable and just looking for input from other customers who’ve had to go this route and what it cost.


The tube had a predicted life of 2yrs, but that’s an average. and many have seen more. I’m coming up on 5 years and mine is starting to fail. That’s whether it was used or not, although heavy use would certainly shorten it. How long have you had your’s?

As to cost, the machine costs ~$250 to ship each way, then there is labor. As they don’t offer “repairs”, you’re also paying for a machine that has been gone thru, cleaned up, and checked. You can’t replace the tube yourself as it requires specialized equipment to align it. Seems reasonable to me considering the cost of a new machine.

They originally did offer a tube replacement for $500 but that was withdrawn recently.


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