Has anyone engraved on a MagLite?

Has anyone engraved on a MagLite? If so what settings did you use? I can’t get the Glowforge to even put a mark on it.
Thank you

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Which mag lite model? As I recall they were enameled metal but we can’t give you much advice without seeing the specific one.

Also a little more detail about what you’ve tried and how you set it up would go a long way.

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What did you try? Is this anodized aluminum?

Could the problem you are having be a focus issue? Did you remove the honeycomb tray and elevate the light?

"Laser engraving will reveal a silvery white tone for excellent contrast. " yeah, that’s almost definitely anodized aluminum. Lotsa folks go with the Macbook PG settings :slight_smile:

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Thank you.