Has anyone found a really good jigsaw puzzle template?

One of the things I REALLY want to make with the GF are jigsaw puzzles with engraved pictures. 15+ years ago when I had access to a laser cutter in an architectural model shop I created one in CAD which was pretty rudimentary.

I’ve played a little with the generator someone posted on another post (thanks!) but it’s left me wanting. Beyond creating really cool ones in CAD myself - are there good ones out there? Yes I’ve googled, but not finding anything great. Thanks in advance!

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There’s this https://cdn.rawgit.com/Draradech/35d36347312ca6d0887aa7d55f366e30/raw/b04cf9cd63a59571910cb226226ce2b3ed46af46/jigsaw.html

It’s just so repetitious. I’m working on my own in autocad. haven’t tested it yet. @jbmanning5 is the resident puzzle maker here. Maybe he can steal you better than I can.


I’m not sure what you are looking for but I like to take an SVG generated from the one @rpratt posted, open that in Corel and tweak things around to make it more interesting.

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Great question. I think I’m looking for something very different. Not a standard notch and piece layout but alternately shaped pieces. Maybe I should just CAD it up and figure something out.

It kind of depends what you mean by alternately shaped pieces. That could mean a lot of things. Grid cut, ribbon cut, unique interlock shapes, semi-interlocking, whimsical piece inserts, etc.

I haven’t seen any really good generators to be honest. Useful for starting points but not by themselves. I was kind of surprised at the lack of software for this kind of thing but also, the market for it would be pretty small. But, some really good software and you could charge a steep premium


Lots of stuff right here in the forum about doing math based work, you just need to do a bit of digging. lots of CAD programs have plugins for random shapes. There are websites for tessellation.
We look fwd to seeing what you come up with.

Ok - back on this. Once I finish a sign I’m currently working on, this will be my full time gig until I nail it.