Has anyone had a ship date for the GF that then disappeared?

I was super excited to sign in and see I had a delivery date from GF. In my account settings it said the unit would ship approx. Nov 28 and the air filter had no ETA at that time. Then, as suggested I signed up for UPS my Choice and saw that indeed I had a delivery coming Dec 5, which then got changed to Dec 4 (Yeah!). After seeing my package was delivered a little earlier than the window and was left on my porch I rushed home to find that only the proof grade materials were delivered. I logged back into my account and now only see the Air Filter est. shipment date of July 11.

So my question is, how do I know when my GF will actually ship?

(I did get the email that said your GF is ready to ship and replied confirming the address). Is it up to 6 weeks from the confirmation email, or is it now 6 weeks from the proof grade delivery? I am in CA and if I remember right the units are being assembled in Fremont which is like a 20 min drive from my house…

Anyway, so confused and was really hoping to get a few cuts on it for the holidays.



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The PG material ships right away. The GF ships up to six weeks after the email. I got my GF about 2 1/2 weeks after the PG. YMMV

Edit: If you already got your PG then the GF is in the works. The actual shipment will be a surprise sometime and you might get it before you get any notifications since you are so close.


Once you acknowledge the “Do you want your GF Now?” email, the ship date for the GF drops off your GF account online because the process has already started


Once you accept delivery the estimate goes away.


The six week window starts from when you reply to their confirmation email with a, “for the love of all that is holy ship the thing!” The proofgrade usually arrives first. How far into the six week window you will have to wait appears to be random.

Based on your location it is very likely you will not receive a tracking email from glowforge HQ before your machine arrives, but since you’re signed up for UPS MyChoice you should get a notification from them either the night before or the morning of delivery. As UPS appears to be having significant issues this holiday season, assuming your glowforge ships prior to Christmas, you may get “lucky” and have a one or two day holiday-delay allowing time for you to make plans for its delivery.


Thank you! I’ve asked several times but never been told that!

Somewhere recently Dan posted that - said once you replied to the email the date goes away because you’re no longer waiting for the email so it doesn’t mean anything.

However, with thousands of posts a week it’s easy to miss.

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Thanks for the clarity @jamesdhatch!

Once the shipping process begins, you can expect three boxes:

  1. Your Proofgrade Materials
  2. Your Glowforge Basic or Glowforge Pro
  3. Your Accessory Kit, containing the crumb tray and vent hose