Has anyone received a pink ticket?

I’m curious: has anyone been kicked off this forum? I can see that it’s basically mob-rule here, what happens when the mob decides you’re an undesirable?

Changed the color from brown to pink, in reference to “pink slips”.

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Were you wanting @dan or one of the staff to reply to that one? Because anything from any of the rest of us would be mere speculation.


Anyone with knowledge is welcome to chime in. (Which… you know… should always be the case. And, as you also know/encourage, it frequently isn’t.)

It sure is fun to label things as “speculation”! For instance, declaring that ordinary people aren’t capable of exchanging valuable information would be an example of incorrect speculation.

I’ll be careful not to declare that then. What have you got against ordinary people?

Anyway, you’ll probably need to wait until @dan gets back from Maker Faire for your answer. Because except for the people removed, no one would know except Dan. If anyone was removed, they can’t post here any more, so anything from the people here is speculation.

So i guess you do want to hear from dan.

I guess I was thinking people might communicate outside of this forum.


I get the feeling this topic is trolling – but of course, that would only be speculation…


It started out as a result of genuine curiosity. But you’re right about whether your feeling is speculation or not; I’m impressed! :trophy:

I’m speculating that @dan won’t answer. My personal feeling is that it’s nobody’s business.


I tend to agree. Matter of fact, I’m certain of it, given how careful he is of people’s privacy. But @hirudin is welcome to ask.

I can say that I don’t know of anyone who has had forum privileges revoked unless they dropped their order first, but that doesn’t mean anything other than that I don’t know of any.

So yeah, pretty useless for me to speculate either.


Dan has said in the past that this will not happen. Yes, if several people reported a post it will lock down but if upon examination there is no violation of the TOU the post gets restored and no discipline for the poster.


The only forum accounts that have been disabled (as far as I can recall) are folks who’ve cancelled their orders.

While I hope it never happens, the forum guidelines do require participants to be civil. Should someone repeatedly fail to follow the guidelines, we would disable their account.

I don’t trust myself to make that judgment single-handedly, so I rely on community members’ flags. Those give me a heads up that a post might fall short of our guidelines so I can review it (and uphold or delete the flag). I also forgive almost any degree of frustration or anger directed at me or at the company, since we’ve let you down and I think any anger or frustration is fair and deserved.