Has anyone received their October "update" email?

Yes. I’m a “Day 18” Pro “owner” and the email I got yesterday said that I’ll receive The Email before the end of October, with the standard 6 week window to follow acceptance.

I was hoping that was going to be the schedule anyway, so I’m cool with this.


Could be 4 September 2018 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got an Email today from Glowforge. “You can now find the shipping estimate for your Glowforge” So, check my account at Glowforge and it informed me Estimated Shipping Notification Date is Jan. 3, 2018. :frowning:
But wait, the email also stated: "Based on our current production capabilities and with the ongoing efficiency improvements to our factory, this is the most accurate estimate we can make of when your order will be ready to ship. On or before that date, you’ll receive an email from us, at which time we’ll collect your current shipping address and initiate the shipping process for delivery in up to six weeks (usually less). "

So, I am pretty sure… it will be another year before I get my Glowforge. Just have to make do and see if we get lucky and production does picks up. Then would be a great Xmas present. :slight_smile:

Got an email pointing to my user account which is supposed to have an up-to-date delivery projection. Product Shipping
Glowforge Pro Dec 29, 2017
Air Filter Jun 07, 2018


Glowforge Pro Nov 15, 2017
Air Filter May 12, 2018

Does anyone know if the $20/month of delay credit still applies if you choose to defer until the air filter is ready?

To the best of my recollection, no - once a unit is offered, the goodies stop.

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The delay credit stops when you get your email even if you defer.

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Here’s mine:

Australian shipping notification date:


So I guess that means I am unlikely to receive a GF before the end of May 2018 - another 8 months!!!


So am I lucky to be listed for March in Hong Kong?!

OMG you have got to be kidding me. After the countless fights with my wife to be, I now have to explain the projected date is Jan 2018. @dan really you are killing me! I have been needing this product for my wedding since the original promised release date. My wedding is coming up now in December and so the Oct was really cutting it close. Now Jan really??? Holy crap what do I do now? Do you even care that this affects us on personal levels? I have money tied up because of this! Materials I bought to use with the glow forge for party favors and decor. Empathy and words are not what I need… I need the product that was promised and paid for over two years ago. I can’t understand why production on pros would ramp up if the basics are not even 3/4th the way delieved.

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My plans for Christmas decorations and gifts has been dashed!
I have been so patient for 2 years! Now I find that the shipping date will
Dec. 8! I cried…

@dan still waiting for a reply. You tell me how I can now justify waiting till Jan to get the glowforge? It was meant to help with the wedding this December. This is so disappointing that I constantly put up for the product only to get kicked in the face with another delay. I have asked to be a beta tested several times only to get skipped. I have asked for updates to no avail. Prayed that every time you gave a dated it would happen and I’d have the glow forge. Originally July would of gave us time for party favors then Oct, all I can do is just do decorations that I need something like the glowforge to do but now pushed Jan? WTF do I need it for now??? I mean really two whole years and several promises broken you have killed it for me. I can no longer justify to my future wife why we should keep the preorder. We bought several favors and decorations based on the fact we would be able to personalize them and customize them. You don’t understand how this has impacted us financially. I am just furious and disappointed. Every time I wrote an email asking to be in beta was an ask for help. I was and counting to be let down.

I’m so sorry we let you down. Unfortunately there isn’t anything else I can do until your Glowforge is ready, unless you’d prefer a refund.