Has anyone tried double-sided tape?

… to hold small, light parts in-place?

Thinking anodized dog tags, pre-cut tags/labels…

Perhaps even using it to secure those parts to a heavier backboard - commonly used in CNC routers…

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I dunno.
The 3M stuff I got is more like glue than glue.
Anything you stick onto it has to be pried off and if it is porous, you are bringing some skin off with it.

edit: ahh wait a minute. If you are talking about in place of glue for finished project, then yes.
Was thinking you meant to hold it in place while cutting…

I have some out in the shop but I’ve never needed it as dog tags stay put and I have a tacky board for realy light things like paper and chipboard. I bet it will come in handy one day though. Just remember to adjust for the thickness it adds.


Yes. Works extremely well. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah I didn’t mean the super sticky foam-based stuff, just regular double-sided tape which is like masking/painters tape, just has adhesive on both sides…

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Yes it works. As a matter of fact, I don’t even use that kind of tape often - it’s too expensive.

But I have a Scotch ATG 714 Tape Gun - that lays down a thread of double sided adhesive on the back of whatever you need to hold steady, and then rubs off easily when you’re finished with it. Even on paper.


And it will keep anything from moving when you lay it down on the grid.


Oooh… now you reminded me, they also make small disposable versions of those! I think I even have some, somewhere!