Has anyone tried the library laser?

This site http://www.librarylaser.com was posted some time ago on the site but back then it was only in Spanish and I had no clue how to navigate it but since then given time, it is now in english as well… Anyways they have quite a few nice looking free designs but you have to sign up for it to “purchase” it and download it. I am always super skeptical when signing up for stuff with my email address and I was wondering if anyone has tried this site and do they trust it and or do you get spam mail from it lol. Also if you have tried it out have you printed anything from there yet?


I have a dummy/spam email account for just this purpose :slight_smile: I signed up for several free account with mail.com and have been happy with them.



Watching this thread


@kittski thanks, I was going to do this with yahoo or gmail but they require a phone number now, don’t want someone having my info that I’m not sure I can trust lol. I just really want those designs, they are pretty sweet for free.

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That is the thread, just didn’t know if you tried it since it was switched to english.

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@kittski totally got it to work that way, no odd info from them so far as spam, how ever they did ask for a phone number for check out so I went to the app store, got a free number from text now app and did it that way but they didn’t require a verification code so you should be able to put a random number if need be.


Google translate is your friend…lol

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You can use your main gmail account to make a sort-of burner email. Append +something to your username, like: username+laserlibrary@gmail.com.

Google will ignore the modification but you can still use it for sorting into Labels.

Since the site does have your email address it isn’t a burner, but it will let you sort a particular site’s spam into the trash.


Yeah, I just used goobly-gook made up numbers and the site took them just fine :slight_smile: So far, no spam or anything.

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