Has anyone tried to do this acrylic welding technique?


It is a way of welding the layers together by using a focus point down between the layers when it is being cut. Kind of interesting. They also have a technique for folding a layer back over the top of a hole too by cutting a thin line then using a defocused laser to melt the top down over the hole.

Wondering if anyone has seen this or tried it with the glowforge?



Seen it, but have only done it accidentally, never on purpose. :smile:
(It’s on the list of things to try one day, but there are SO many things you can do with this.)
I do bend acrylic with a bar heater…it’s a little more of a sure thing.


Yeah, it’s on my list too…'way down there, somewhere. I’d definitely love to hear the results if anyone else gets to it first!

Cool process will have to try one day.