Has anyone tried using white Cermark on black Guns?

Specifically Glocks or AR-15s? I have a few projects in mind if its possible. ATF compliant of course. But I’m not sure what settings I should use or if it is even possible. Thanks for any help

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No, I have no experience with it on blued steel, (the way it used to be done) but since the molybdenum (I think) results in a dark mark, that may not be the best choice.

I have been wondering if the bluing couldn’t be lasered off. :thinking:
… and whether or not that would expose the steel to corrosion.

YouTube is our friend. Looks to me like these guys are just lasering the steel as-is.
(I didn’t watch the video…)


Thanks for the response and the video link. I’ll keep researching for a bit and maybe test a small piece eventually. I have tons of ideas/projects if it works out.

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Great job!

Been posted around a few times but the AR lowers are aluminum with a coating and engrave quite nicely (from my thread). There are several threads on this and engraving mags.



it takes many passes, results in a moderately faint mark, and does expose the steel to corrosion (see the rust forming in the letters “STO” in the word “custom”)

this was a viability test done on a damaged barrel for my neighbor who is a gunsmith. We concluded that it was not worth the effort.


Very good!Thank you.
I knew that the “bluing” was industrial, but the treatment is designed to prevent corrosion, so I expected that result.
I wondered about the difference is anodizing vs. bluing -both of which are oxidation. Chemically or electrically.

Awesome! Thanks!