Has someone purchased at LaserTile.com?

I do, on May 18 and I have an email with the order receipt and it has been paid…
But… I don´t have tracking number, neither other news from them. I have written several emails and have tried to contact them by other means, such as by FaceBook, but I have only received silence.

Does anyone know if they are still open? Any other way to contact them? Should I be worry? I already am…

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I ordered a few months back. Took a month+ before I received the package. I had emailed after two weeks and they got back to me pretty quickly letting me know that they were closed for two weeks due to “spring break”. It was when our kids had spring break as well so figured it was related.

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They are slow but the titles work.

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Thanks @Lotema and @pauline.lally I’m calmer now :slight_smile:

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unfortunately, i don’t know if anyone has found another source for something like these tiles, so this is the only place we have to find them. they do work well.


I’ll climb on with a ditto to what’s already been said. My order also came in 2 boxes about a week apart, with no indication in the first box that there was a second coming.


Well I´ll have to wait and see; I truly believe it worth the wait.

Even the simplest search effort yields so much information.



They are slow. About a month is typical. But they do eventually ship. I bought two boxes of LaserTiles back in November and I’ve been very happy with them.


Just printed this for a neighbor using LaserTiles



That is exactly the reason why I bought them, although I live 9,095.52 km far away (I search it in http://www.distanciasentreciudades.com/ hahahaha).

My big concern is the lack of answer, not the quality.

Thanks so much, @pauline.lally

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