Hat in hand looking for help with SVGs

So I am doing some more volinter work for the FT. Rucker NCO Acadamy, problem is I’m needing to make some flight crew badges but I can’t find prober vector art for them.
The flight crew badges are exactly the same as the pilot badges except the bars and coloms are replaced with the great seal. I managed a bitmap conversion of the seal but for the life of me I can’t figur out how to get rid of the bars and coloms in the shild without distroying the rest of it.

If someone can show me how to do this in either Corel x8 or Inkscape I’ll owe you one.





I’m not clear on what you’re asking for. So from the top logos with wings and a shield, you want to remove the shield and replace it with the eagle from below? Or you just want to remove the horizontal and vertical lines from the shield? Or something else?

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If only I had inkscape at work, I’d certainly give this a go. If you haven’t heard back from anyone by the time I get home, I’ll give it a shot at that time.

From what I remember of other images I was messing around with, make sure to join/combine everything into a single path, Then create the shape you want to “cut out” of the original. Place it carefully (I like using outlines to help with this part), and then select the two shapes and select Difference. Try it and see if it works.

I hope I’m remembering these things correctly.

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I just need the bars and columns removed. Keep the shield.

Quick question- do you want a write-up of how to do it yourself, or just the cleaned up file? I think I figured out a way to do it but it’s a bit fiddly. It’ll take me a lot longer to write it up than to just do it myself and send it over.

Well if I get a write up I won’t have to bother you again with this problem.

Not sure for IS, but in AI I just made a simple shape with the pen tool by clicking each outer point, and then used the curvature tool to drag the lines in to fit the shape’s curve. Less than a minute to get this:

14 AM

and then a boolean operation to knock out the stuff behind it.


lots of other ways to do it too.


jbv’s faster than me.

Just for future reference, if you set fill to ‘none’ and stroke to black you can see why you couldn’t separate the outline from the bars. Effectively, there’s no difference between the shield outline and the bars


There’s also a way in Inkscape that you can go through an delete the segments that you don’t want, and create new segments between the outline points that you do want. It’s pretty much the same end result as tracing over the other points.


Less than a minute when you know what you are doing! Forever when you don’t! Than you!


Jbv may be faster but you provided extra to help me understand. Thank you.

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Couple of ways to skin it.

I only use illustrator so:

1: Use the pen tool > Match the shape of the shield with the pen tool > use the direct selection tool to box around the shield and new path > use pathfinder to subtract front > this creates a shield outline.

2: Select all > use the the shape builder tool > select all space between the shield lines > this creates an all black shield with no lines.

Here’s the file back with a sloppy shield already drawn in from the above example.


No problem! In Inkscape you’ll want to turn on object snapping, and specifically “snap cusp nodes,” otherwise the path tool won’t snap to the existing points.


EDITED to add that everyone is faster than me :stuck_out_tongue:

This is 2 minute down and dirty as I’m running out the door to work :-/ Is this kinda what you need though? (Wasn’t sure if you still needed the black shield part.) You can just add the the seal.

In Corel select image> “Break” apart > select the bars/stripes and delete>select all the inner feather and combine again.

To get rid of black shield part pull nodes of shield down so the wings are just attached at the bottom> use erase tool on the little connection piece between the wings> then clean up/smooth the nodes.

Dang it! Can;t get the SVG to show right, but I’m out of time…Save it and see if it opens right for you…

wing M

Yeah, this was what I was trying to just remember how to do in Inkscape, and here it is! With Pictures! :smiley:

Is this the end result you are looking for? This was done in Silhouette Studio. It is an SVG. Wings

Came at this sideways.
Did a search for
nco flight crew badge image
and it came up with a LOT of images like you are looking for.

Some variance in wing styles also.

That’s the way I always start, everything I saw was a raster format. I need vector in order to make this big.