Have a question about the glass lid

How to you fix the lid it rubs the side really bad and have to press down to close. Thanks

The plastic case of the machine flexes slightly, and it was created on a perfectly flat marble surface. If it is not set up perfectly flat you can sometimes get some rubbing. You can try using a shim at a couple of places to see if it levels out the case. That will sometimes keep the lid from rubbing.


Presumably it’s supposed to fit tight and you are supposed to have to push it closed. That’s to make a seal to keep the laser light inside and keep the Class 1 rating. I’ve seen two units, and neither one closes with gravity alone.

When it’s brand new, the lid takes a bit of effort to close (more than I expected anyway), but that seems to go away pretty quickly with use. Are you talking about more than that? Is it actually scraping?

It doesn’t actually seal when closed. There’s a slight visible gap, and you can feel it pulling in air. But there’s no direct angle for something to escape out, if that makes sense. The laser would have to make two right angles to get out :slight_smile:

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In the past, Support has told people to try to alleviate by placing a few sheets of paper under the center of the front foot as a shim:


The assembly and calibration are accomplished on as stone slab as Jules said, but I think some people confuse level and flat. They aren’t the same, and flat is more important than level.
A slight reposition (one inch either way) on the surface I have mine on will result in one side of the lid not seating completely or a rub on one side.

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Thanks @markwal and @PrintToLaser! I’ll add just a bit of another note:

If inserting a spacer - for example 20 sheets of copy paper - under the center of the printer doesn’t help, try moving the spacer to either edge. It may require some experimentation to get it leveled so that it closes properly.

The spacer may not solve the issue, as this is something we’re seeing on some of the early machines. It doesn’t normally impact operation – and your Glowforge won’t operate if the lid is open.

If your Glowforge doesn’t operate, or if you have other questions, please open a new thread.

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