Have you used Medium Fluorescent Pink Acrylic (Cast, Translucent, Glossy)

Anyone have this stuff?

I am looking to recreate a lularoe logo out of acrylic and am having issues finding good matching colors of acrylic for their very easter colors. This pink looks close, BUT it’s transparent which I think will look really weird mixed with opaque acrylics.

I plan to put it on a black background, any thoughts on how feasable this is? Or super bonus points, do you know of a store that sells all these colors in opaque acrylic?

Logo for reference


You probably already looked here, but just in case: https://www.inventables.com/technologies/bubble-gum-pink-acrylic-sheet


I have, they have some colors that the GF shop doesn’t, but for some reason these lighter shades seem to always be in transparent. I fear I am going to have to end up ordering from 3 different places and still potentially have some poor color matching for 1 or 2 shades.

Sounds like an interesting time to experiment with some frosted white acrylic. I’ve heard rumors that if you can get a water bath with dye at just the right temperature, acrylic will absorb it.


Maybe paint the back of the pink with white? That should block the black background from muting the color.

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I’d look for a local plastics shop. If you are trying to match colors online, there’s just a lot of variables & room for error there.

I think you are gonna have a hard time matching with out ordering pretty big quantities. If it were me I would cut them all out of white and paint them. But I’m a painter :slight_smile:


Not sure if BF Plastics has what you are looking for, but they do have a standing Garage Sale.


Make sure to get your account setup before purchasing. They do it manually, but are great to work with.


That was my first thought, cut them out of whatever is cheapest and paint to match perfectly. But if I can find them in acrylic I think it would lend something to the final product. Def still a strong plan B.

Haven’t seen this site before, the prices on the yardsale stuff are amazing. Though they clearly put the work of finding a usable color in your hands hahah.

Check these guys out…

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I have used the florescent pink for a founders ruler. It’s quite transparent and I don’t think it is what you are looking for.


cheapest clear acrylic you can find, and wrap it with vinyl colors!

Nice, also very good pricing here. Though it appears that fuchsia color is not popular in acrylic.

Thank you this was exactly what I had feared.

Any idea what that would cost compared to buying colored acrylic? I’m looking at around 10 bucks a sheet for some of the fancy colors.

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Depends how big it is, and how long it needs to last.
Digitally-printed vinyl can be anywhere from $5 to $25 per square foot, depending.

I currently charge around $16/sq ft for premium printed and laminated outdoor stuff, with price breaks at 11sq.ft, 36sq.ft, 76sq.ft, etc.

If you can find the colors you want in regular sign vinyl, certain colors may last longer outdoors (better UV-resistance) but it can be difficult/expensive to buy small quantities as an individual. If you have a local sign-shop, I would say to go in and ask what they can do for you. Some places will be happy to sell you vinyl by the foot for pennies on the dollar, because that stock must get rotated every few years.
If you know of a Fellars location near you, or another sign/wrap industry supplier, you might try some dumpster diving: They throw out old media by the 150-yard roll.


Hopefully you find the right colored stuff. If not, I was pretty pleased how nicely acrylic painted up when I watched this video. Might be a viable option for you.


Here’s another source for acrylics that I just ordered from a few days ago.


This is a cool and it’s safe… It took me forever to do this.