Haven't seen any new Hey I got my golden email messages lately


That is a bummer.

BTW, I sure hope that one way the powers that be lessen the sting long term is give us a discount on a future purchase(as long as we keep it, and not just resell it)


There was one retweeted on the Glowforge Twitter account yesterday.


I guess that’s better than none…


Remember a lot of folks that got a Basic/Pro are not an active member on the forums.





And for Staff (As of today) 32.

Which totals out to 7,015 people that at least created an account. Which is a far cry of units sold.


Isn’t the total about 10000 orders, so I wouldn’t call 7000 a far cry from that.


…That’s still 3000 people that are unaccounted for.


Yeah it was mine, 2 days ago. On the spreadsheet, it seems like there have been a few others.


Yes so I have seen 45 emails over 8 weeks but perhaps the real number is 64. Still only about one per day instead of about the 100 needed.


Total number of users is actually closer to 6004.

Users that are listed under the counts for Member and Regular are also listed in the Basic numbers.