Having an Amsterdam good time

After receiving EZ Forge on Tuesday, I’m having fun and learning a lot about the GF and Illustrator. A layered Amsterdam scene below.

What did I learn from this? Don’t try to use the GF interface to scale accurately! I also learned I can cut through 1/2 inch plywood as long as I don’t mind charred edges! :slight_smile:


Very cool idea!

Thanks, but I think I stole it. I saw a similar post a couple days ago. The poster didn’t go into how they did the layers but I’m guessing it was like this :slight_smile: My wife had the idea to make it a day/night scene option :slight_smile:


What a nice feel to your art. Makes me want to go enjoy a wedge of my Reypenaer cheese.

Are the tan windows drawn or engraved?

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Very cute!

How pretty! It’s great to pick up a technique and make it your own! :grinning:

Turned out really great. I’m loving the art style!

And your username!

I too like your style. My wife has been after me for a layered piece. It’s on the list.

Looks great! sadly, almost no stars can be seen from Amsterdam street levels due to light pollution.

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The tan windows are engraved. My wife originally wanted me to use the GF to engrave the windows over the acrylic paint, but I didn’t want to mess with placement. It would have been easier if I hadn’t used the GF interface to reduce the size of the image…

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Thanks! We were there for a few days in 2016 and really enjoyed the city ( and the windmill village – Zaanse Schans!). Can’t say I noticed the lack of stars at the time as I was too mesmerized by the city itself, but in retrospect I can see that it would be a problem.

I lived there for 18 years (just moved out a year ago) It is a beautiful city but I’m glad I left.


Your artwork is charming to view. Hope to see more of it!