Having more trouble than expected finding anodized aluminum flasks

I’ve been looking to make my groomsmen a set of customized pocket knives and flasks. However I am seeing a lot of pre-engraved flasks but very few blanks. I also found a very nice pocket knife that I can only find at a wholesaler.

The big name online sellers were surprisingly sparse on these items. Does anyone know of a place where I can get a anodized aluminum flask/knife set that it blank?

If you’re not married to the idea of engraving the flasks directly, maybe finding some leather-wrapped flasks and engraving the leather would work.

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Aliexpress seems to have a few different flask options. You’ll probably be waiting several weeks for shipping though.

Yeah I was considering leather wrapped as well, just haven’t tested my Glowforge on leather with steel under yet.

Hmm sounds good, although several weeks is a problem as I need it sooner than later for this project.

Cut templates for acid etch on SS? Or buy cermark?

Lots of good stuff at JDS. (They aren’t aluminum though.)


and knives too :slight_smile:



Isn’t JDS for resalers? (that is you need a tax id, etc ?)

Oh shoot, maybe so. I have a friend that places an order every month so he just orders for me. Sorry 'bout that.

I’ve ordered similar to these but have only done sand blasting so far… not laser

Maybe this? https://www.ckbproducts.com
I have ordered from them and they ship pretty quickly and sell small quantities.


yes… and they have an incredible selection of unique laserables, like their black and rustic “leatherette” that engraves gold (and all sorts of common product finished in the leatherette, like nail clippers, books… and flasks).
It would be pretty neat if glowforge could partner with them to offer some of the products as proofgrade (with :proofgrade: settings available).


Have you tried any of those yet? I have some samples from the NBM show but haven’t tried them yet. My “business” id expired years ago so I currently don’t have a license in able to order items from them, but do get their catalogs.

I only managed to grab samples of the regular leather coasters, so I haven’t been able to test the leatherette in the glowforge yet. I just saw the stuff in person for the first time last week at NBM Sacramento, and it looked even better than it does in the catalog. I’ll be sending in an order for a large pile of samples shortly.

JDS regular leather coasters in rawhide (science & beer) and light brown (from my test for @tawatkin2000 - better photo on the Art Badge (In need of a little help) thread)


Thanks all, I ended up ordering some Cermark to use on steel. Thanks for the info.

Yeah JDS was the original I looked at but could not order from. A shame you have to be a re-seller as they have a lot of good stuff.

The The others do as well though. Thanks again

Has anyone lasered these yet?

What company is this that I can order these flasks and merchandise? Want to be able to do flasks as well.

The ones I posted are from JDS Industries, Inc.

Thanks. I’ll give them a shot.