Having some fun with mirrors again

Heres my next adventure in mirrors …have about 6 different ones in the mix but if they all come out as good as this ganesha one…yay!!IMG_20180823_121446_429 IMG_20180823_121446_451


Awesome! :sunglasses:

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I like this mirror

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DUUUUUDE that is awesome

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Love all the detail!

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How big is it?

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Like seriously cool. Is this on the Baltic? I’ve done a lot of maple and the contrast you’ve got here doesn’t look nearly the same as with the maple. Ive only done one potrait (6 trials…) in Baltic so I haven’t gotten a chance to see what it looks like. Great work, my friend!

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Its 12 by 9…eventually going to play around with the passthru for longer ones.

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Thanks and thanks… so its proofgrade basswood…I think the engravings come out really well and the light color of the wood pops. I’ve been using now for most things.

Shoot, that’s what I meant, the basswood! I actually haven’t messed with any baltic, I just keep forgetting the name of the basswood haha

Wow - came out beautifully ! Was it just on an oval mirror (looks like it would just “miss” the open areas on the side). How are you attaching the mirror? Can’t wait to see your other ones… although I kept looking for a mouse among the bottom ornamentation on this one…

Lots of detail, nice work.

Beyond lovely! I hope when you make others, you will share them too.