Having to Restart Glowforge several times

I have noticed that I have to Restart the Glowforge Several times now to get those clicking sound to get on line. Does this mean that the Internet Module is starting to go bad. >???

Nope. It probably means there is wifi interference or an unstable connection.


Wait, What does that have to do with the Start of the Ticking that Glowforge makes when it get on line ?

Where there is no ticking than I have to restart , that is what I really meant .

The ticking is the Glowforge focusing the lens after it connects to the internet. No ticking, no internet. It probably has to do with your wifi, not the Glowforge antenna or internet module. Support could look at your logs to confirm if you want to open a support ticket.


Are you 100 % positive about the focus being the Camera and not the Internet ?

Not the camera, the lens.

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The lens is the only moving part beyond the head itself and the fans.

The cameras can not re-focus. It’s a misleading term. The ticking after power-on is the lens moving up and down inside the head. There’s actually no camera focusing happening, the cameras are both fixed.

… and, as stated, a problem with wifi will prevent the machine from proceeding to this step after power-on. First thing it does is establish a connection to the cloud, if that fails, then the head won’t move and the lens won’t go thru the “focus” cycle, which is what causes the ticking.


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