Having Troubles Engraving

I am having issues engraving on black plated brass. As it engraves, I have it at a power of 90, a speed of 1400 (these gave me the best results to get through the paint to engrave gold letters) and # of lines at the 1300+ choice but still I have issues of the font engraving fully. I run into greater problems when it is smaller letters because they start to bunch up and over engrave. The ‘e’ and ‘a’ letters for example will start to lose their center due to the engraving (even with the simplest of fonts like Arial and Calibri), is there any way of adjusting the settings to fix this? And in fixing this, is there a way to speed up the process because with the settings that I have now (which have shown to give me the best results thus far) have me at a time mark of 45 mins or above (even spent engraving 3 Plates sized roughly at 4" x 1.5" each for 2 hours). Please if anyone has recommendations or ways to troubleshoot this, that would be greatly appreciated!

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you could do the type in illustrator of any other vector program, add the leading / kerning you need to account for the issue with the laser, its not a solution to your problem, its just a work around. . . (remember to save the .svg as type outline, since you can’t import type directly into the GFU)


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I hope you won’t mind that I am moving your post to Everything Else. Working with unsupported materials (brass) is not something support will address. Forum members though might be able to offer some suggestions.


Drop that number if you want to complete in less time. You should be able to get good results as low as 170.


I hope you won’t mind that I am moving your post to beyond the manual, which is the only place that discussions of setting must be placed.


Ulp! Of course not…I wasn’t thinking very clearly. Thank you

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I’m surprised that you are getting what sounds like creep in the outline at that high of an LPI setting. It makes me wonder if the piece could be shifting a tiny amount, maybe from the air flow from the air assist fan. Do you have it secured in any way? Maybe taping it down could help.