Head alignment stuck in loop


This weekend I needed to remove the laser head for cleaning. Ater I did this, I left the head positioned in an unusual spot: towards the right side, near but not at the back. When I powered the unit back on, it started doing what can best be described as a random walk (the engineers will know what I mean). I let it continue for some minutes until it was clear that it wasn’t going to converge to a solution on its own, and then I powered the unit off, repositioned the head under the lid camera and powered it back on.

Just reporting this since it seems like a new bug; it’s not blocking me as I was able to work around it.


I don’t know if this is a bug or not. I’ve never done a cleaning without positioning the head under the camera before powering on to begin with. It seems like a good way to shortcut past most issues.


It’s a bug. The machine should calibrate regardless of the initial head position.


I got the same results as you did in your power on calibration tests. Yesterday I powered on with the head position about 6" above the camera and to the right of center. It had no problem moving the head directly toward the camera first try.

I have also seen the machine search for the head to the left of the camera before, so go figure.
To avoid the possibility I just pre position the head under the camera before powering up. Doing that has never failed.
Until the software is finished I just adopted that as standard procedure.


I never manually position it under the camera unless I have moved it for another reason. Only time I’ve had calibration issues was a server issue.


same for me…unless it had an initial startup issue. Normally though, I don’t do anything with the head and it works just great. In fact, have seldom had any problems with startup.


I’m happy to hear you were able to resolve it! Thanks for letting us know.

I’m going to close this thread since you’re in good shape now, but I’ll make sure the team continues to investigate what happened. If the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic.