Head Banging to the left -- help! :)

Hi all! I turned on my glowforge for a quick print and the head started banging to the left whilst already being as far over to the left as it could already be. I did clean the lenses and turned the machine on and off multiple times. Any tips?

Thanks so much!

With the machine OFF, have you tried manually moving the head to the center of the tray and then start it up again (with NO material on the tray)?

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hi Docsis! Yes I did do that several times and it said “cannot find head” but then started banging again. Its so strange.

Well, I was gonna suggest the “move the head to immediately under the camera” but someone beat me to that… while you’re waiting for some other suggestions, might I suggest:


My machine is just expressing how I feel. :laughing:

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Ya’ll, by some miracle, the machine is calibrating again and now working! What the what?! So glad. Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:


Probably was having issues sending pictures to the gf servers and/or receiving the instructions for calibration. Probably a network gremlin between you and the server.


I think the headbanging music fixed it! :wink:

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The belt systems have feedback. If you have it again then make sure your carriage plate belt is tight and move the print head to the center of the laser arm before powering it on.

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