Head bounced during cut and engrave

Hello! I was cutting a simple file tonight that I have cut ALOT of. But on the third one when it went to cut the head bounced all of a sudden. Then the fourth one it cut fine. Then it came back to scoring, fine on the first two again, the third one it bounced again and went crooked. I stopped the cut, but really want this to be fixed, I have lots to do! :slight_smile: Any advice is appreciated.

Sounds like a physical issue. Check that you don’t have a piece of tape on a belt or the rail. Check that the hold down pins or something else on the bed could be hit by the air assist fan. Turn the machine off and gently move the printhead left and right feeling for any resistance. Gently glide the carriage forward and back, again feeling for any resistance or unusual hesitation.


Thank you so much! I was most definitely one of my hold down pins that hit the backside of my arm.
Appreciate your thoughtfulness to answer.


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