Head not focusing

Hey, all! I did a 5 min print and it came out great! When I went to change the material but keep the file the same the head did not refocus and allow me to print again. It is making a clicking noise. This is my 7th print on the machine. Can anyone say what might be the trouble?


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The clicking noise is it attempting to focus - so questions

Is the material you replaced a solid sheet, or are there a bunch of holes - sometimes it gets confused by holes.
Is there a bright light shining down (bright window) - for the same reason bright light can confuse it.
If neither of things things are true then your WiFi may have cut out for a second leaving it confused as to what it was doing - reboot the machine (and for good measure, while it’s off make sure the head is in the far back left corner).

Fingers crossed it’s something easy!


I believe the clicking is the machine running a self-test on the head’s autofocus mechanism. If the machine still fails to calibrate you can try, with the machine off gently position the head directly under the camera and turn the laser on.


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