My situation is identical to the one documented here.

I’d like to get a replacement unit ASAP so I can get back to work.

Support no longers monitors this forum, so it would be best for you to contact support directly.


Oh wtf. They just bailed on it!?

On what?

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On the forum!

They have a support phone number now; + 1 (855) 338- 2122


They pulled out of here maybe a year ago. This section is read by many people who know lots of stuff from all the years on here…someone may be able to help you…which is why it’s called ‘community support’.


ya I think it got to the point they couldn’t track what was going on effectively. with support tickets they can keep track of problems and figure out the cause(s) in an organized fashion.

I know our IT guys do it to be able to look for patterns to the problems that arise.

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