Head not found but printing OK

“Head Not Found” Problem

With Inkscape 0.92 version running on Windows 10 OS with a Fire Fox browser on Glowforge Pro machine serial FBM-927, my problem started 7/8/2022 after finishing a successful print about7:45PM Eastern.

Alert: Head bumped. Head was in Home position.

With power off, I moved the head/gantry away from Home location. After power on, the head crashed beyond the (0,0) Home position while trying to home.

Also got “Head not found” notice along with suggestions for solution. I tried a reboot of the machine without helping. Quit for the day. [Number of day’s failures limit exceeded!]

With power off, cleaned camera lens, laser optics and bottom ports on head.
Moved the head and gantry to approximate centering under camera.
Power on. Normal centering and homing of head.
About 8:00AM Eastern, print successfully made.

When the Done window was dismissed, again get the Head not found error.

Uploaded new file and proceeded to print normally in spite of the Head not found notice.
Printed normally at 9:14 AM.

Watching the head move to home position seems perfectly normal. Yesterday at start of problem, the head crashed beyond the (0,0) XY home position.

Now the machine will make a print without error except the “Head not frond” error always appears.

Any way to stop this from appearing when all seems fine?

The detail may help support but know they don’t participate here.

They could check the logs to see where the issue lies - it’s never been clear whether that error means the lid camera can’t find it, or it’s a communication problem to the head thru the main ribbon cable.


After a power cycle, the system forgets its initialization and sends the head crashing into some obstacle at negative X values. Tips head momentarily.
Thanks for the nudge to post this to Problems.

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Back in '17 when I got the machine it did that a couple of times, and I just got in the habit of centering the head under the camera before I turn it on. I indexed the gantry and head with a Sharpie to make it easy to center. It also cuts about 10 seconds off the time it takes to calibrate.

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Could you tell me how to report a problem? I cannot find the link to open a new problem for Support?

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Click the support tab at the top of this page.

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… then complete the form linked to behind “contact us here”

Can’t share a direct link as every time the page is loaded, it creates a new, unique ticket number.

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Done. Thanks to all.

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Glowforge raises another $45,000,000, yet still can’t or won’t hire an actual technical support team with a phone and a few that can read the forums.

Investors don’t give a company money so they can grow expenses. If they were gonna hire tech support to participate on alternative support channels, they’d all be on Facebook anyway, where 50x as many of their customers go to get community support compared to this forum.


According to some investment tracking data, GF has been steadily losing (or disposing of) employees this year.

Such a large influx of $$ may mean something big is in the works, but based on declining support and quality, I will never buy from them again.


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