Head not found…

I’ve reached out to Customer service. As most of you know they don’t answer.

I’ve done everything in the troubleshooting list, including clean and checked all of the connections. I’ve re-set up and connected it to the Wi-Fi successfully, but it still shows “Head not found”

The button is not glowing yellow or orange.
It has no light. Every 30 minutes or so it tries to find the head again and I continue to get the head not found.

I’ve reset my router, made sure my computer was completely updated unplugged, re-plugged, waited hours in between, this is been going on for five or six days.

Is this happened to anybody? Does anybody know what is going on?

make sure the camera lenses in the lid are clean.

one day BEAMER was working and the next NOPE. that little bit of residue from the cut the day before pushed it over the edge on not being able to read the logo on the top of the head.

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Have you tried a cleaning wipe of the lid camera & top of the head followed by moving the head into the center under the camera before turning it on? And make sure there’s nothing on the bed that has a roundish GF logo sized hole in it (I’ve had it confused by such a hole).

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What is the statistics and OQE for this statement?

I have had nothing but great response in their support and have never been left high and dry.

GF has made a good community who you are interacting with directly in your post. Do you have more information on your issue? Have you reached out to glowforge support? If so, is the amount of information you provided the same as what you have posted? It is useful to provide any app screen shots and descriptions of the issue and delta from normal operations.


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