Head not moving while centering

During calibration the head of the glowforge won’t move. It stays in the corner of the machine. I can move it manually with my hand but it won’t move on it’s own. Do you know what I would have to do?

With the machine off, inspect all of the connections - white cable to printhead and black lid cable in all 5 places.

Here’s Glowforge’s troubleshooting guide for this issue.

“Centering” involves the Glowforge connecting to the internet, taking a photo with the lid camera, sending that to the cloud where Glowforge’s servers identify the location of the print head in the photo, and send back instructions for where the machine should move the print head, repeating this until it’s perfectly centered then homed.

The two things that would make the head not move are (1) it’s unable to establish and maintain a good wifi connection, or (2) it’s unable to take photos because the camera is dirty or something is wrong with the cables that carry the camera images back to the controller board.


Have you tried turning it off, gently move the head under the camera and then turn it on?

Thank you so much! The guide helped, the problem was that the camera needed to be cleaned.


Hi @yolimar_salas, I’m so sorry to hear that you were having trouble with your printer. However, I’m thrilled to hear that cleaning the camera was the solution to get you back to printing. Thank you @dan84 for sharing our online guide here.

Since all is well, I’m going to close this post. Please start a new post if you run into any more trouble.