Head Stuck in middle of machine

Having huge problems getting my glowforge to move on from initial startup. It has been stuck on Scanning, Centering & Homing. Its done it several times in the past and come back to life so to put it with little effort. This time I cannot get it to function at all. It moves to the middle of the workspace and sits there - after yet another cleaning tonight it is just sitting there on Homing. I have cleaned the head, the camera in lid, camera under head and primary while ribbon cable several times without any successful moving forward. I have also tried unplugging and restarting, changing website software from Firefox to Safari and back again, leaving over night. I watched a video suggesting the icon on the lid of the head could be unclean so it would not focus but I don’t think it is actually even trying to focus once it gets there. I have orders stacking up to be processed and need urgent help please!

PS: I should note that the machine had been working brilliantly recently and this ongoing session of immobilisation started yesterday evening when it was preparing to start a new cut style print.

All cables feeling tightly in position to me.
Really feeling desperate as out of ideas what to try.
Kindest regards.

Sounds like either a wifi issue or the black cable. Have you tried setting it up with a cell phone hotspot to bypass the wifi?

Hi geek2nurse,
Sending photos to support team in a sec. Did yet ANOTHER full cleansing last night and left to dry fully overnight. Just tried turning on and nothing again other than the clicks on startup. Wifi looks good - full bars and it instantly knows if i’ve opened the lid. The wifi is about 15ft away. I haven’t tried the hotspot idea but will give it a try, Thank you

Sounds like you don’t realize that you’ve opened a support ticket by posting here, too. :wink: Next time just email OR post in P&S, but not both. Duplicate tickets slow them down!

I advise against these “deep cleanings.” Do your lenses, clean the fans once in a while, rails and belts when they need it. Wipe the glass so you can see through it, and the tube if you just like the pretty pink light. Leave the rest alone. Electronics don’t like being messed with!


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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