Headphone stand


Good thing for cardboard. After 6 hours in fusion… Wow was I wrong on dimension


Go big or go home


quite obviously this is a bananaplantain rack! :slight_smile:


You gon’ need some bigger headphones!


bad thing is that the model is so complex in fusion because working with radius’s is a nightmare to a newb like me. so now to re draw the whole thing because ya so many constrants the parameters are just nukeing it when I change anything



if you’re not married to the shape and just want a functional headphone storage solution you could measure the thickness of your desk top and make a snugly fitting hook. id show you my headphones hook but its ugly :zipper_mouth_face:


You plus the prop-maker from Spinal Tap…


I feel your pain, I realy do, many hours to work my way up to advanced begener. I know it won’t feel like it but any hours you use redesigning this are like doing scales on the piano. They will pay dividends at some point.


think they could come up with a correctly sized stone henge? :smiley:


got this wood I need to put to use


More better


Oh this is nice!


:+1: That’s the way I’m looking at it, too. :smiley: Many hours spent re-doing stuff, but I’ve sure learned a thing or two along the way.


the model, in walnut (but I will be using wenge for the structure, and paduck for the joints



The way I see it either you go to school and learn how to use the program or you save ur money watching YouTube and teach your self how to use it. I taught my self to use 123d design to design things to help people with disability using my 3d printer. A simple knob took me almost 4 hrs to design now I can design and teach you in 5 min. Just ask your self how long did it take you to redesign the second version compare to the first? And since you are happy with your latest design you should try to make it from scratch one more time. It only gets easier the more you use it and from trial and error you learn new Technics and become more familiar with the program. Congrats on you Glow forge and keep forging.


Pretty nice presentation. Turned out great!


This is what I have done but don’t forget that like learning piano or guitar or having a baby for that matter, you have to get in and practice as well. The perfect balance eludes me but it is somewhere around 5-10 hours on the program for every hour of videos. Less as you start, more and more as you get better.


Yeah I did it with 123d design but that program is elementary compare to fusion. I’m still learning how to move around and using the hundreds of new options compare to 123.


Doing scales on a piano sounds really nice but how do you get the cover in the :glowforge: :slight_smile: