Headphone stand

That is one of the great things about Fusion, you can pretend that a lot of the advanced stuff is not there until you need it and then go and learn it when the time comes. If one gets really good with sketches in Fusion they are way out in front. This is where I keep coming back to. A fully constrained sketch is a beautiful thing and a powerful thing.


Hey! I have those cans too and I freakin’ love them.

)those are not my primary, those are just the wireless so I can do house chores well listening to Netflix, my main is a pair of hd600’s powered by a Gilmore lite head amp

edit: didn’t realize I posted pictures of both

cord off the hd600 so I can move it around for mocking up

the shinny box in the render is to represent the amp

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Cut cardboard months ago then cut draft board then scored heavy paper glued paper too wood and then band saw and drum sander. Using the wenge from Xmas gift