Heads Up: Laser Rubber on sale

I got an email this morning from the place where I get laserable polymer rubber stamp material. Looks like they might be clearing out their laser rubber. Note that this is not the low odor laser rubber, which they do also carry. I have not tried this stuff but I think others have and it works fine.


Funny, they also sell these:

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Thanks for the tip, I am dying to get some of this stuff.

Unfortunately their shipping rates stink! It may be better if you are closer to their warehouse though.

I put in 1 sheet to test. The cheapest rate was about $10. I updated to 5 sheets and these were the available options:


With the cheapest shipping it is about $10 a sheet, making it about the same price as the normal price here:



On a related topic has anyone found a good price on self-inking stamp bodies? I took a quick look and it is hard to find stamps that don’t come with the customization option.

One of the only places I can find selling blank stamps is the same vendor as is having the rubber sale. The prices on the stamps are pretty good, but in my test cart shipping added $3 to the cost of each $8 stamp body. Ouch.

Wow! I just checked and my estimates are a bit lower than yours, but I live in MO and it’s closer to their IL factory, so I guess that’s the reason. Looks like FedEx ground is the cheapest option.

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I’m in Illinois, and my shipping rates are about $5 cheaper than those examples. However, I would also have to pay sales tax. I also noticed that the box of 10 sheets is cheaper than the individual sheets. If someone needs that much material, they save $10 by getting the box. Maybe a few people could split a box if they live near each other. Different configurations also changed which shipping option was cheapest, so make sure to check them all out after any changes to your cart. 5 sheets showed USPS to be the cheapest option, while the box of 10 shipped cheaper with FedEx.

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I just quoted 10 sheets to Michigan. $60 for the rubber. $14.26 shipping using FedEx Ground (my preferred, anyway).