Heart Box

Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! love the shape of the heart with a little style!

I :heart: your box!

Thank You for sharing

Love it! Was trying to come up with keepsake box ideas last night with @Snowjax and this may be perfect!

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I love that box!!! It is perfect for what @mspricethelibrarian and I were talking about doing last night. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this beautiful box.

Glad you both liked it. Hope you are enjoying your Glowforge.

I’m still learning how it all works. Fun!

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I liked it so much I couldn’t wait for the instructions.

. It’s a great design. I cut out a little piece of material to put in the bottom to add a little color to it. Thanks for sharing!


ooo I like!!!

Does anyone have the assembly instructions for this box?

There were instructions posted for a round box provided by this same person which may be helpful. Here is the link:

What is the material making the sides??? Is it wood also…how do you get it to curve like that??? Thanks!

Thank you so much!

It is most likely a living hinge. It is a pattern cut into wood or acrylic (maybe other materials I am not aware of) that causes it to be flexible and stretchable. It is indeed amazing.

Edit: After looking at the svg file, I can verify it is a living hinge.

It is wood. The cut is a “living hinge”. Look closely at the camper pencil holder design in the catalog as it uses the same process.

This is correct. The slit cuts on the side are flexible enough to form around the curves. This is very similar to the current little trailer design that is on the website.

It will not take man-handling but will flex around the curves well enough. Once glued in place, it is quite strong. The trick is getting it all assembled. The outside form outline that goes around the whole works holds it together while you glue it.

It is not recommended as a working hinge- if flexed enough it will eventually break. I’ve seen some used for checkbooks and purses, but so so at your own risk. Better to use leather if possible.

You will find different designs of “living hinges” on Etsy and other sites. I’ve taken this and made my own designs as well.

For those who want a solid side, use some 1/64th plywood liner in the inside. This works well.

1/64 ply cuts well enough on the Glowforge at about 200 speed and 70 to 80% power.

Happy Glowforge working!

Don Rosendale

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That looks awesome!! Thanks for the share!!

Hi Don,

Am i able to use 1/4 plywood to make this?
Would the living hinge still be flexible with the thickness?

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I wouldn’t recommend ¼” plywood for the living hinge. I used 3mm ply for these.

You could give it an experimental try, but I wouldn’t think it would work the same. You could try scaling up the entire design, to make a bigger heart box – suitable for holding a heart box of candies.

To be honest – I haven’t tried making a hinge out of that yet. I would be using 5mm MDF veneer as that is what I have in stock.

Don Rosendale