Heart Felt Thank You!

So, I may have a problem… I like puns… I’ve got it bad. For Valentine’s Day, my GF (not my :glowforge:) actually likes puns, so I had to give her a heart felt thank you!

I’m playing around with inlays, and I had to try some felt. It didn’t go exactly as planned. I went with a full 1mm kerf adjustment, and in some cases it wasn’t enough. In other cases, it melted the full ends. I tried 4 different cuts, so I finally settled. If I had more time, I would have extended the length of the ends.


Not a heart felt thank you, a felt heart thank you! (Love puns - great job!) :smile:


Haha—good one! I hope she liked it!

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I was going to be disappointed if this thread was about anything else! :wink:

Nice work!


She did! Thank you!