Heavy Smoke

New to glowforge
I was cutting a large letter with proofgrade materials from glowforge. My machine started to smoke badly immediately into the cut. I set off all smoke alarms in home. I have the exhaust vented. Please advised any advise will be helpful!

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There is a chance that your exhaust fan was accidentally turned off. Click the three dots in the interface and make sure that the filter option is toggled off. The only reason for excess smoke is that your exhaust is not working properly.


Thank you for the response. Where would I find the interface?

The interface is where you interact with the Glowforge - the app. With a design open, click the three dots and make sure that the filter is toggled off. In this photo, the filter is toggled on.


Thank you so much for your help. I got it working now. I cannot wait to start to create. Have a bless weekend!

Mrs. Cooper

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