Hell, yes! but I need to add an email to the account


I just got “the email” and did the confirmation and address. But I need to add my niece’s email to the account as it’s actually her :glowforge:

I hope that my email can remain attached so that I can still read/participate in the forums.

I have emailed support, but thought to post here as well as a belt-and-suspenders approach.




@dan recently posted that they are working on a way for families or other groups to share a GF account with different emails.


i vaguely remember seeing someone post that both the poster’s and spouse’s emails were “authorized” on one account. so i’m hopeful. this forum is something that keeps me going :joy:


Glad to hear from you, and especially that is with delivery news. I hope you are doing OK and that you and your niece get tons of enjoyment out of the Forge.


Fantastic! Awesome! Congratulations! :grinning::tada::dizzy::boom::confetti_ball:


Oh that’s great–so happy for you!


My wife and I share an email account for stuff like this. Dunno if we were who you were thinking of, though, as we’re not exactly regulars.


Email support. They were able to quickly change my email for me with out a problem.


Great to hear from you Aunti! So glad you got the notice!




That’s awesome! Excited for her to get it!