Hello, Dolly

This happened:

In an industrial/commercial area, so have to sign for every delivery: this was no different.

Box was in pretty good shape, only had a minor scrunch in one corner and missing two plastic handles. Tape on the bottom edges of the long sides was 90% intact.

The “Get Started” sheet had come untaped and shifted over a little bit… but no loose screws, missing bits, or signs of fluid spillage.

A few minutes later I got the shipped/tracking email. Good thing I was waiting until the very last possible second to figure out my GF cart and run the 18’ of ducting to the blower fan that I hadn’t purchased yet… so off to Costco, Home Depot, Harbor Freight, and Little Shop of Growers. That was wednesday, and I had a deadline to meet, so I waited…

Yesterday I installed my ventilation system. Only made myself bleed four times while installing the rigid ducting. The bright yellow stickers that say “Caution: Sharp Edges” are apparently there for a reason. Who knew?

Mounted a reclaimed butcher-block worksurface to the HF welding cart, and called in some friends to help lift the GF out of the box. It’s smaller and lighter than I remember.

That was last night. I had to leave to pick up the dog from the vet, and get a few hours of sleep before driving my girlfriend to the airport early this morning.

So when I got back from the airport this morning I finally installed the crumb tray & head (less than 1 minute), connected to my network (minute or two?), named it BEAMO! and ran the founder ruler job (6 minutes).

Satisfying first job. Flipped in place and re-ran the engraving on the other side as well… Now I can’t tell which side was done first. Matches up to a steel ruler, all good.

Put the Aztec Sunstone vector line drawing in there, set it to score, and watched it run for 38 minutes. The file was too detailed for the size that I made it, and I knew that going in, but I was curious.

When that job ended I got a Cooling Down message/icon in the GFUI. It took almost an hour and a half to cool itself off in my 79°f shop. Shooting a temp gun into the unit found some areas up to 88.1° (power supply) but most components were within a degree or two of room temp. Guess I’ll be bumping the A/C down a few degrees. Interesting. Glad I have climate control.

It’s actually a good thing that I had to wait, as I realized that I could smell a hint of maple smoke in the front room. Back up into the cave above the drop-ceiling and I realized that in my excitement, I had neglected to seal up the gaps where my round ducting goes through a square hole on it’s way out through the roof.

Now I’m just waiting for the expanding foam to set, so I can test the system. See if I can knock out everything I was planning on doing next week so that I can just turn off the phone and play Lasers.


Cool write up. Looks like you’re off and running :slight_smile:


Awesome! :grinning:


Oh, you’re good. You are really going to work instead of play? I have the greatest respect for your will power.

Congrats and have fun!


Nice! With my Pro due to arrive next week, I shouldn’t need to worry about overheating at least until next summer. I don’t expect my shop to get over 72 degrees again until then.


What’s the diameter of the Aztec stone? 4 inches?


4.6" in diameter.

I was curious about the time difference between doing it as a score vs an engrave. The score processed in under two minutes and took 38 minutes to complete. The engrave took almost ten minutes to process, and gave me an estimated run-time of 28 minutes.
So almost no difference in overall time, but by using the score function I was able to get a pinch more room in the bed. I will have to run it as an engrave soon, for a visual comparison.
I should also note that I placed these very close to each other, hoping that the visual alignment was working well. It seems, thus far, to be on point.


Hmmm… I have a B&W vector of the sunstone I was going to try. I’ll have to try setting the pen-color to a mid-level grey and engraving it while mapping greys to power level. Converting those grey outlines to fills for the engrave will be a PITA, but… SCIENCE!


My favorite part was getting rid of the girlfriend so you could play with the Glowforge. Excellent planning!


No… she is going to a conference in Raleigh, NC. I’m kinda worried about hurricanes.

Also, it means I have to remember to feed myself, since she won’t be here to remind me to eat. I wish we had a 24-hr taco truck in town.


It’s true… I love food and never miss a meal, but I honestly found myself having to make a concerted effort last weekend to get away from the machine to eat. You will probably have a bit more time as I’m sure your design to lasering time ratio will be far better than mine is. I finally found Wed night this week I didn’t feel an overwhelming desire to get to the laser. Yesterday back at it and now I have a few things I really want to get done tonight and the rest of the weekend… but I did have that one night off… :slight_smile:


Hell yes!
I have been waiting to see what amazing things you make.

I hope both GFs stay safe this weekend…


She should be okay. My daughter is a bit south (Elon) and they’re projecting rain and winds but nothing sustained over 40mph.


I am so happy you got your machine. I have been waiting to see what you would come up with!!


So cool. You are going to blow us all away with the amazing things that you create. Can’t wait.



Looks like you’re off to an excellent start!


Oh Man! Excellent!
So happy for you. You had a fundamental introduction with this PRU, so I know you have been quietly formulating plans. Can’t wait so see you rock that laser! :sunglasses::tada:


I am just so happy for you! Glad the first print went off without a hitch. And that is the biggest 45" record center disk I have every seen. And good work with flipping the ruler before removal.

I’m not sure if I’ll do the ruler or something else first. We’ll see. I have quite a few rulers already but I have so many things I want to do that are just waiting for my ForeverForge.

Enjoy it so much!


:heart_eyes: :squee: Super excited for you!!! Great things ahead coming from you I’m certain!!

Now set an eat alarm so you dont forget…lmao


Oh. My. Word. @jvb got his Glowforge!!

I really can’t wait to see what you make!! I, for one, am holding onto my socks!!

Yay!!! :tada::confetti_ball::boom::sparkles::notes::zap::balloon::dizzy: