Hello Glowforge!


Excellent point! No worries, I’m used to it, my first name is Corey so it has pretty much been a lifetime of confusing people. :wink:


Welcome do our dreams or nightmare, just depends on the day.


Wow! Such discipline! Now time to get forging along.


Ooo yum… my mom used to make divinity when I was a kid… like taffy… heck, if I’d have known you could degree in candy… :sunglasses:


Didn’t even have to go to culinary school! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very excited for you!


Kudos to Glowforge for a speedy delivery…you don’t hear that too often on here so I expected to receive my Pro by the end of October-ish and you got it to me in 10 days! That is so crazy!!! I looked like Kermit the Frog spazzing out when my husband told me there were two boxes for me and the labels said Glowforge.

Alright y’all…I’m going in…


Woohoo! Let the fun begin! (But be prepared for a little frustration. Sometimes things can turn out or work not how you think it should. But there will be an answer here for anything you stumble across. And if it’s all smooth, you were prepared anyway :slightly_smiling_face:)


So great to see you here and we all share in your excitement…we’ve been there, too. Congratulations on your dedication to achieving your degree…and now, a very special time of reward is coming you way! Welcome! Looking way forward to seeing the cool stuff you make.


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