Hello My Name is Darth BoB

Something kinda different with this project. I needed to make some shoulders for a mannequin head. This is for a project dealing with sound testing. So for the shoulders I used cardboard to determine the shape then moved on to thick draft board. After getting it all cut and glued together I used a sheet of insulation foam to fill the gaps in the wood and sanded to fit. A few coats of black paint and done. The gap under the neck was filled with a 3D printed part from my Makerbot printer. Finally he needed a name, because why not? So he is Darth BoB.


Especially here, the drape of the shoulders is very evocative!


You sure came up with a new one! Love it when a Glowforge gets used for innovative things.


Head shadow effect?

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Wow, turned out great!

Got to admit that you had me on a different track at first.
I was sure this was going to be a Darth helmet.
I suppose I took all the clues, saw the basic shape, and ran into the weeds all on my own.

End project came out swell. Thanks for the write up.

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Nice! Also his name made me think of ā€œI Am Legion, I Am Bob,ā€ the first sci-fi book Iā€™ve gotten my Hubs to read that he actually liked. :blush:


You nailed this.