Hello my name is TJ, and I am addicted to useless and complicated widgets

If you’ve joined me for this post, it means you probably are too! My first foray into Glowforge glory was a gentle modification of a brilliant cryptex by @m_raynsford. I decided to pursue another design that requires less material.

I’ve attached a cleaned up .SVG for those of you that would like to make your own! Build stages and tips:

Cut out pieces. Took about 5 minutes. I killed the parametric curve on the top piece to save time - I didn’t anticipate my first draft turning out as a working product ha!

Careful application of superglue and clamps. I highly recommend sanding down the gears to about 3.1mm/layer so they will turn freely.

The sliding solution “drawer” should also be vigorously slimmed so it can slide easily. Last thing you want is someone with the right combo getting thrown off by a friction-locked key!

Add the end cap and ruin the whole point of the gears in the 3rd layer… I added them so I could later change the combo, but with the end cap glued on that’s no longer possible. I’m brainstorming how to fix this, and welcome your input.

I did not sand my gears prior to assembly, so I finished the piece with a liberal application of WD-40.

Disk Lock.zip (10.7 KB)


Love useless complicated widgets too! Nice job.


Thank you for sharing.


Gotta love a first draft that turns out great. Thanks for sharing the process.


Now let’s all say our daily affirmation together, shall we?

We make the things because we can
No matter if they have a use
We’ll make the things at every chance
Makers make - no other excuse

My name is Tom. And I’m a maker.


Neat! We certainly have a creative group! Thank you for sharing your work.

I love that affirmation! I need to print it and put it somewhere.


Glad you like it! And, darn it!.. Now that you mention it, I think I’ll cut one myself! Would look great in :proofgrade: Walnut hanging above my 'forge.


Nice work TJ! Thanks for the inspiration :sunglasses:

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What’s that tool called ur measuring the thickness?

Digital caliper.

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Must have neglected to hit send on my comment for this one…drop dead cool design! :sunglasses: :+1:

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ya know back in the days you had to look at a dial and count little tic marks. buncha dang cheaters :slight_smile:

Heck I have my dial caliper from the old days and still count the tic marks. LOL