I was told I was going to have the black cable expedited to me over 2 days ago (I should have it by now)…but i still haven’t received an invoice after 6 emails! Hello?? Customer Service??? Anybody out there???

They don’t tend to respond to just say “we’re working on it”, but they are working on it. Additional emails and posts here literally slow them down, you need to be patient. This is a relatively small company working in a pandemic. Everything is going slower than normal right now.

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Thanks but I don’t need to be told to be patient. If I was told I could have the part in 1-2 days and it’s now been 2 days without even being invoiced, I have every right to post something here. And last I checked we’re all in a pandemic

Posting here opens a new support ticket, but as you’re working with them already, they’ll close this and continue with the existing one.

You’re right, you should have heard, but the reality is these things can take days.

Unfortunately expedited shipping applies to just the shipping, not the packaging and fulfillment. It will probably take a week to actually ship it out, and THEN it’ll take 1-2 days to actually ship.

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be. patient.

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Hi @cfarrar. I’m so sorry for our delay in getting back to you. I’ve just sent you an email about this, so I’m going to close this topic.