Help! A small lens on bottom of print head fell out and won't stay in

Help! A small lens on bottom of my print head fell out and won’t stay in. My Glowforge is only a few weeks old. I turned on the GF so I could cut something but the application showed it was stuck in “Scanning” mode. Did a search and found where I should clean all the lens. I was in the process of installing the main center lens when I heard something fall out and hit the crumb tray. It’s one of the little tiny lens covers to the side of the main lens. It won’t stay stuck in place. What do I do? How is this lens supposed to be secured in place? Can I cut without it?! Thanks in advance for any help. lens came out sm|526x500

And now the other small lens on the other side has just fallen out. I can’t see how these were even held in place. I’m using the Zeiss lens wipes that were recommended to use by Glowforge so no clue how this happened.

You’ve opened a support ticket on here now, so they will probably get to you tomorrow. Since it is so new, it is probably covered. They may just send you a new print head. Good luck! And don’t email them too, it will just slow down the process, I’ve read.

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Can you share a photo of the bottom of your printhead. I suspect what has fallen out is simply the covers of the windows, not an actual lens.

I attached a photo in my original post but hopefully you’ll be able to see this one. I try sticking them back into place but they just fall off again. There’s nothing holding them in.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.