Help again

Hi again I got a little problem I’m trying to do the mini Arcade and i almost got all the parts done but i got couple of the part file stuck together and i need to take them apart can someone give me a handthis is the file

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Ah. Ok. Now I see. The first post was something strange as an SVG that looked like this after I rearranged the size
Now the one currently posted is a PNG and not an SVG.

What software are you using? Where did you get the design. This post?

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i got the file on instructables

never mind the SVG the i try to post don’t work

Right click on the SVG file on your desktop and choose Send To > Compressed (Zipped) Folder. Then drag and drop the Zipped folder onto an open post here. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Separated parts:

Arcade Parts .zip (3.4 KB)


you are the Best Thank you so so much

Thank you everyone for the help

Question Jules do i need to resize them because they look bigger?

All I did was copy those at the size they loaded and put them into a couple of new files. I don’t know what size you’re making it, so if you originally resized your parts, you’ll need to resize those. The thing that changed was the size of the artboard in the background, not the size of the parts.

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OK i just compere them to the original and there are way bigger that’s all but Thank you very much

Is it possible you’re importing them in different units? If you import something designed in mm as inches it’ll come out scaled.

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i use the original SVG the i cut all the parts and i use Ai deleted the ones i don’t need no more and still looks to big on the GF i don’t know what is the problem and i think the unit is in inch