Help - Anyone in Oakland

Looking for a little help.:. We’ve had a disaster with our cutter and I have a small project that I need to get done… anyone in the oakland or greater Sf Bay Area that can help? Thank you in advance for your consideration…


Define “small”?

It might also help if you elaborate on material requirements (what materials and how much). Whether or not someone can help probably hinges on whether or not they have those materials on hand.

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What was the nature of your disaster? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Probably not close enough, but I’m in the Sacramento area and might be able to help out.


I need some decora plates for some light switches cut… I have all of the materials…

My Glowforge lid broke when some acrylic caught on fire a couple days ago… still sorting it out…

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Oh snap. Glad you’re ok. Post pics? We all learn the most from each others’ mistakes.

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Yipes! Details? e.g. what should I avoid doing?

I might just take you up on it if it’s possible … sacs not too far and I have some friends I would like to see I haven’t visited in a while…

You trying to come up today? Pm me and we can make plans

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