Help! Best way to clean front door jam?

My front door jam is starting to look a little rough, stray pieces of wood etc have gotten caught and I can get them out but the rubber piece seems to be really worn down for less than 6 month old machine. Is this normal? Tips or tricks to clean it out and well?
Haven’t come across any post specifically about how to clean it well, want to ensure I don’t have door jam/lid open issues.


Tried to upload a video but it says file is too big easier to see in video sorry!

That front door pops off/on without a problem, there is enough flex in the case to allow it. The nub it pivots on is about 1/16" long.


Thank you! I have searched the groups and post topics but couldn’t find one anywhere with this info!

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You’re welcome!


That’s because it’s not necessary.

From the pics you posted, that machine looks virtually brand new.


My thought exactly.


I’ve had it about 8 months now. The door jam seems to stick/catch a little bit now which is why I was asking… and that area seems to catch scraps more than I thought or expected.

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