Help Bought a large file and need to separate it into parts

I purchased a very large file and need to separate it into groups in order to make it. It is for a kindergarten class and I am trying to finish this before tomorrow. I looked through the other examples but no luck. Any ideas on how to separate the pieces of the file? Thanks so much for any help!!!

It all depends on what type of file – bitmap images for engraves take a completely different approach than vector lines for scoring/cutting. “A very large file” doesn’t provide enough info for concrete advice. Posting a screenshot of the file (not the purchased file itself) would be a good starting point.

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Without showing much of the file you can see the little boxes are all. connected. In order to make it fit I need to free them. It’s a .svg file and it says it is dividing the file but all the pieces are still connected.

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It looks like that shot is from the Glowforge interface. Have you tried loading your file into a design program and setting the boxes to different colors? That would make them into separate steps in the Glowforge UI.


It looks like you were able to move at least this one box
Within the GFUI, you can click and drag to select an area to move everything within that selection box…

Best bet is in a drawing package like illustrator or Inkscape. Copy and paste the selected items into blank documents : rinse/repeat


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