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Hi All,

I am building a sign for a local restaurant and I cut their logo down into 3 pieces to make roughly a 3ā€™ round circle sign. I split the image up into 6 individual cuts however when I load the image in as 1 big image or saving each piece as its own file it will load the entire image as one and not let me pick and choose which image to cut. Not sure how to remedy this. Any advice is welcome.

There are several things needed. The first is that clip paths do not work in the GFUI. I use them occasionally when everything outside the clip path is white, as it makes things easier so inkscape is not counting the empty white space when centering, or sizing. That has no effect but cutting away part of the design needs to remake the image without the clip-path,

If the piece is going to be that big you need to break up the design to cutable size pieces. As vectors they merely need to not connect but to be wider than 19.5 inches you will have to make several parts,

You need to separate out sections by changing the colors of the vectors.

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Clipping and masks are not supported, you need to break up the image.

Try this: Breaking up a large design (Inkscape)

This is not a technical support issue, Iā€™m moving it to a more appropriate forum.

Normally when all pieces fit in the area to be cut this makes it possible. However if part of a design cannot be cut then none of it will cut so those parts that will not be cut can still have the same color and thus settings and the entire project can be moved about until one part lights up and that will be the part that cuts. :upside_down_face:

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